Just keep swimming, just keep swimming
Dory, Finding Nemo – 2003

Amy’s swimming is going well and we are going along to the University pool a couple of times a week now. We’re now looking at how much we are swimming and how much the membership fees are. Basically any way you look at it; it is cheaper to be a member… unless you give up.

Swimming at the moment for staff is £3.10 with the membership fee being £145. Obviously the membership also includes swimming, gym, weights, aquafit, fitness sessions and courts, but I don’t know how much of that I’d do.

By my maths that makes it 46 swimming sessions to break even. At the moment we are going twice a week (not including the swimming lesson that Amy does).

On a different note

Fun sized Twixes

According to Graham – they’re not actually fun.
Hmmm… I think he doesn’t like the idea that he can eat it in one gulp maybe hehe!
Amy Corner, Blogging it

Too right they aren’t fun. To have fun you either have to a) not be fat or b) eat so much that you don’t really care. Fun sized Twixes are neither.