Panopto API 003: Security

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If we communicate with the server, we should be checking that it is a valid and secure server.

The following code is taken from the Panopto github:

Add the following name spaces to the top of the application you made in the previous posts

Add this to the top of the application, just above static void Main()

Then add the following to the bottom of the application. Within class Program but outside of static void Main()

With this code you can call

to ensure that the server certificate is valid. We will use this function in all our API calls.

Our full code now looks like this

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  2. David Norris

    This code doesn’t ensure the server’s certificate is valid. In fact, it has the opposite effect: it overrides the default certificate validation logic in .NET and implements a custom validator which approves all certificates unconditionally by returning true on line 55. This technique is described here:

    4 years ago

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