Panopto API 002: Adding all web services

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We’ll now add all the Panopto service references. In a real integration you would only add the services you actually need.

Using the application made in 001 add a new service reference

Add a service reference

And add the following one by one

Called PanoptoAccessManagement

Called PanoptoRemoteRecorderManagement

Called PanoptoSessionManagement

Called PanoptoUsageReporting

Called PanoptoUserManagement

This should leave you with 6 service references as Auth should already exist.

You should now add these Namespaces to your using list at the top of the page

If you try to compile this program, you’ll see that we now have an issue. AuthenticationInfo is used by both PanoptoAuth and PanoptoAccessManagement (it’s actually used by all of them). To fix this we’ll have to add a namespace to the code.

Our full code now looks like this

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