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LaCie Ethernet Disk mini – Home Edition

As with any new-on-the-market product I’ve had a few teething problems with the Lacie Ethernet Mini and had a lot of trouble finding answers to them. Hopefully someone who was having the same trouble as me might find something useful here and other people might find a solution to an ongoing problem of mine.

First of all, the product I’m talking about is the Lacie Home Edition running Hipserv. The box should arrive with 1.6 but is currently on version 1.6.2. The UPnP streaming is compatible with the Xbox 360, PS3, any generic UPnP TV player and iTunes. I have an Xbox 360 (xbox360) and iTunes but can’t run tests on any others.

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How can I use the HipServ DesktopMirror on Vista? It doesn’t copy my files!

Possible errors:
Cannot create a file when that file already exists. (0x80070087)

This seems to be two problems, both of which seem to be to do with the increased Vista security and Samba shares. To get most things to work you have to decrease the network security in ‘Local Security Policy’ (type it in the start box) so that Network Security: LAN Manager authentication level is set to Send LM & NTML – Use NTLMv2 session security if negotiated. Or do it directly in the registry (I think this is your only choice on home edition).

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Lsa] “LmCompatibilityLevel”=dword:00000001

The program still has a problem with folder security. If you manually back up your folders to the MyBackup folder then each backup should be successful thereafter. If anyone finds out how to bypass this step please let me know

I’ve put all my MP3s into the MyMusic folder and the Media Player icon is selected, but I can’t see any files in my Xbox 360 or other device. How do I get them to appear?

You need to wait 15 minutes between placing the files or turning on media sharing before the files are visible. This is one of the many things mentioned under Help > Show tips that I cannot believe isn’t on by default.

I have made a folder public. The manual states “Individual applications will display the public URL for these folders.” but I can’t see the public url. Where is it?

The public html link is in the tips window. Select Help > Show tips to view the public link. The link is formed using the following

Why can’t I FTP into my HipServ?

FTP needs to be turned on in the Administration page. Log in as an administrator and select Setting > Administer HipServ > Network Services and turn on Local Network and/or From the Internet.

In FTP it says that my password is incorrect but it isn’t. Why?

In FTP the username is case sensitive as well as the password. If your username is ‘admin’ then ‘Admin’ will not work.

In FTP I see MyDocuments and MyBackup but I cannot view FamilyDocuments even though these are supposed to be available to every user. Why?

No idea, I have a support ticket in with this question. I’ll let you know the answer.

Why doesn’t the power button turn off the HipServ?

You have to hold it down for 5-6 seconds. That length of time is still a soft power down, a forced power down seems to be done by pulling the plug. You can also turn off the unit in the administration menu http://192.168.1.x/admin/system/shutdown

Why can’t I stream my music files through the Internet?

I personally find that FireFox doesn’t embed media files but Internet Explorer does. Try using the other browser.

[Added 09/12/07]

How loud is the unit?

The Lacie has a small fan (about 3cm wide) that is constantly spinning at a slow speed. It can be heard in my house when every piece of electronic equipment is off, the room is silent and I am around half a meter and at its level. I wouldn’t think you’d notice the sound unless you were sleeping next to it.

Does it have power management features or a sleep button?

It doesn’t but it as it is running an OS, Apache and php it needs to be constantly available for use with the web front end. You can always turn off the unit when you are near it and it can be turned off remotely.

I’m having trouble uploading very large files. What do you suggest?

I was trying to upload a 400MB file to the unit through FTP (as a form won’t work with that size of file) and it crashed. It was probably a one off but the unit was certainly happier with smaller (50-200MB) files. You can split up a file with The File Splitter and upload in chunks. With my 22Mb/s internet connection 50MB uploaded in 30 seconds.

[Added 29/12/07]

How do I stop the LaCie from redirecting me to their website?

Add /?local=1 to the end of your local IP address. So if your LaCie is on then the address would be

This automatically happens if you use the system tray icon to connect.

[Added 14/02/08]

I cannot upload large files using the web interface

The latest version fixes some problems with large files and the web interface

Where are the logs?

There aren’t any. Sorry

[Added 5/08/08]

How do I know if there is a new version?

On the administration page you can check for updates. You must press the check button otherwise it will always tell you that you are up to date, even when you are not.

Current version at the time of writing is 1.6.2

Any web page I try to go to redirects to

I think I’ve worked out what the problem is but I won’t know exactly how to fix it.

When the router is set up it does a port forward of port 80 (and I think 443 and 21) to the router. This means that when you are on the internet and you put in your IP address the router points the traffic towards the hard drive.

What must have happened for you is that the process is being done for internal traffic instead of internal. You need to go into your router and see if you can find a rules or port forwarding screen and see if you can correct the error.

If you didn’t do the settings yourself you should go into the Lacie and turn off UPnP and then reset the lacie and the router. Test whether that has fixed it and then manually forward 80, 443 and 21 to the hard drive.

If you did do the settings yourself then remove them and allow UPnP to do the work.

Hopefully one of those should fix it

My Lacie crashes after heavy use

Lacie have told me that this might be due to a faulty power supply. They currently have mine in their service department. I’ll let you know if it fixes some of the problems when the new one is returned.


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  1. David Evans

    I am running Lacie Ethernet disk mini- Home Edition on Windows Vista.

    I am having trouble with the DesktopMirror software, which is not backing up subfolders. They appear as inaccessible empty subfolders.

    It seems to be the same problem that you mention at the top of your page. Any progress from axentra? Their support pages seem pretty poor – they mention another update, but nothing so far…

    Is there any third party software that does the same job? (although this defeats the object of the whole package)


    14 years ago
  2. Macs

    I have a problem and if you can help I would appreciate it.
    I used to be able to access my hipserv to manage it but since I’ve moved house and used a different ISP with a ASDL modem and router, I can not access the hipserv from the LAN. I get this message:

    HipServ® is Offline
    Your HipServ is not currently accessible. This may be for several reasons:
    Your HipServ is not currently accessible. This may be for several reasons:
    • Remote Access is not enabled in Preferences
    • HipServ device is not powered on
    • HipServ device does not have access to the Internet
    Try connecting again

    I have allowed FTP, HTTP, HTTPS and SSH through the firewall (I think) but I’m having no success. I am also failing to accecss the drive using an FTP client (which I could do before) Any ideas?


    9 years ago
  3. Graham

    Have you tried putting /?local=1 after IP address to bypass the Lacie webpage? I’m afraid I haven’t used mine in a long time to be helpful.

    9 years ago

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