Sarah Palin

Plenty of stuff going on at the moment that I haven’t had time to blog about but I thought I’d start with this.

I’ve been reading with interest about the American presidential elections and about the new female VP Sarah Palin.

It’s amazing to see that America has picked a woman who strongly opposes pro-choice, doesn’t believe that global warming was created by man and has pretty much no experience in running a state (never mind a country).

But this story – – is even more interesting.

At best, taking her word for it, she had her water break while pregnant and choose to fly for 8 hours across America, land and then travel for 45 minutes to a remote hospital. At worst, presuming she is lying, she has pretended to be pregnant for 8 months, has taken her 16 year old’s baby, and is pretending it is her own.

Check out the pictures, it has pictures of her in very tight clothes at 7 months pregnant and has pictures of her daughter (who apparently has a baby bulge and isn’t). She also had to tell her work collegues at 7 months because they couldn’t tell.

I call BS.

Update: If you read anything about this then read It’s an excellent write up.