Biggest annoyance

Today everyone around me in Southampton city centre found out what my really annoys me. And that’s other people during a fire alarm.

Now I’m not a very shouty person but I nearly shouted at a good 50 idiots today in West Quay because they don’t seem to be able to follow this very easy set of rules for escaping during a fire alarm

  1. When a fire alarm goes off with ‘wait for further instructions’ then listen
  2. When the fire alarm goes off with ‘leave the area immediatly’ then find the quickest way out

Number 2 shouldn’t really be that difficult. If you’ve ever been in any public building you’ll see a little green man running towards an exit. This man will literally be running to wards an exit as there is an arrow telling you where to go. Just go in the f**king direction the arrow is pointing. It really isn’t that hard.

We have just walked through a fire exit from the main shopping walkway. The room is about 20 metres long and people are not moving. The people are trying to walk through a small walkway (we think because they’ve seen a member of staff going down there) when there is a giant two door exit with a fire escape sign above it straight in front of them.

48 people turn left (the walkway is actually the walkway above a road, if there was a fire they would all be trapped). We go through the fire exit, the people behind us go through the fire exit only because Amy says “This is the fire exit” to them. The 50 people behind us ignore everything.

I wish natural selection would work on these sheep.

So to re-iterate when you see this sign

Fire exit below

You do not turn left. Easy. Stupid people…