Talktalk – Problem before we start

For a company that I don’t have a contract with, nor intend to, TalkTalk have really annoyed me today.

It seems as though the flat we are going to move into has TalkTalk as its phone supplier. This in itself isn’t bad, but we don’t want it.

We intended to move with BT, taking our number with us. However when the current tenants cancel TalkTalk it seems as though the line just goes dead.

BT won’t automatically re-connect a number. There is a simple reason for this and that’s the £122.50 reconnection fee that muggins has to pay. Despite it being a TalkTalk line even TalkTalk will charge a £30 reconnection fee and force an 18 month contract on you.

We always intended to go to Sky for our Broadband and phone, but planned for it to be a BT landline underneath it all. But we’ve found out that Sky will charge a £39 reconnection fee (yesterday it was £25, but you can’t have everything). This gives us exactly what we want for £80 less than BT.

In actuality we can get

  • A phone line reconnection
  • Sky+ box
  • Sky installation
  • A months line rental

For about £115. And although it sounds a lot of money it is still £7.50 than BT just reconnecting the line.