It’s all go…

So much has happened in the past few days that this might seem like a twitter post (140 characters per topic).

Good news:
Looks like we’re moving to a nicer place. Gas central heating, double glazing, proper shower, working tv and satellite feeds. Like moving out of the 1900s

I ate Pizza on Friday and Curry on Saturday. By Sunday I’d lost 5 pounds in 2 days. Now there’s a diet I can follow.

Bad news:
New places mean new months rent, deposits, administration charges. All just after paying the wedding deposit. It’s never a good idea taking money out of an ISA but we might have to for the move.

My right eye has gone a bit out of focus. Hopefully nothing too drastic but it is affecting my ability to see a computer screen clearly. Will see Ultralase tomorrow and see what they say. Re-treatment (if needed) is only possible after 6 months and it’s been 2. Long distance doesn’t seem too bad, it’s just the 75cm between me and screen that affects me.