Healthy Living

I’m a typical Gym user. I occasionally think I’m overweight, go to the gym, remember how nice pies are and then stop going.

I’m trying to stop that cycle by making the gym part of my normal working day. I normally now get there each working day and have been marking down how I’m doing on a little spreadsheet.

The spreadsheet was on paper but I’ve moved it to Google Docs as it allows me to update it from anywhere and also show a public version on the Internet. I’ve placed a link on the right (under ‘Healthy Lifestyle’).

Also on the sheet is how well I’m eating. I’m not really dieting, but I am trying to keep track of it. I’m quite happy with my lunches now of lettuce, cucumber slices, carrot sticks and celery with low fat salad dip. On top of that I normally have baked crisps an apple and a go-ahead bar. Health-a-rific.