No Amy, just me

Two things to start off with…

First that Amy and I have started a separate blog that is dedicated to the wedding – – that both of us can write too.
Secondly is to say sorry to anyone that looks here for some news and is getting a little sick of only seeing that ring.

I won’t talk too much about the wedding here as I plan to make a post very soon on the other site.
Main news at the moment is that Amy has left me… but not in that way. Her work has thrown her onto a research ship for about two weeks sailing between Southampton and Spain.

The ship will hang around somewhere wet during that time doing experiments. Amy (who is a programmer for the department) is to see what happens on the ship to give a better background to the things that go on. I think the presumption is that if she knows how the ships work she knows how to make her applications better.
So it’s very quiet here. Well… it’s very quiet here when I don’t have the wrestling on the TV. And there are a few more microwavable meals than there normally are, but I’m doing a few things to pass the time.

I’m not sure what else to write without either a) saying boring work things or b) moaning about whatever I decide is annoying today, so I’ll stop and write up about the wedding venue on the other site.