One week down – Seventy-odd more to go

The first week of engaged life has brought a number of wedding books, magazines and adverts into our humble abode. Most of it is good but some of the adverts are for dresses that are double our entire wedding budget.

Amy still doesn’t actually have a ring that fits on her finger, but she hasn’t quite turned into ‘Bridezilla’, as she calls it.

This Sunday we went to a beautiful hotel called the Legacy Botleigh for a wedding show. Everyone asked when the wedding was and the answer was ‘we’ve only been engaged a week’. Ah well, they won’t be getting money out of us just yet.

The hotel has a lovely garden that would look fantastic in photographs (hence why they let the shows happen there) and we’ve been trying to do some sums about it all. They certainly don’t have the most included in their wedding packages but the album would look very nice.

Another hotel we are looking at has a lot in the price, strangely enough including centrepieces, which I thought were too expensive to include free. We aren’t sure if it really has an outside though. Hard choices, if a little premature at this stage.

We’ve also been trying to blast through a few numbers. Fortunatly both our families aren’t exactly big and although we have a few friends there aren’t many that I’d feel close enough to bring to the actual ceremony. Money wise we’re looking at self funding it, anything else we come across might be a bonus, but we aren’t expecting it.

Is it really that modern to feel like we shouldn’t be asking parents for piles of cash to pay for these things? I’m not even sure whether or not we want a guest list! We’re toying the idea of just telling people to spend the money staying in the hotel and enjoying themselves. We have no room in our kitchen as it is; imagine if we got a new dinner set and another toaster. Hell, we’ve just got an Ikea within walking distance, I could have 5 toasters here in a couple of hours.

So I’m sure this will all be interesting. I’ll have to make an effort to blog how things are going. I know no-one reads this, but I’m sure it will be interesting to look back on once the day has gone by and see how we have paniced / lost hope / given up / decided on flowers with a spin-the-bottle game over the months.

p.s. How can I find a wedding photographer that costs £500 for two hours that supplies negatives (well a DVD seeing as they don’t use film anymore), yet the ones that cost £1750 don’t?