Putting a ring on her finger

What a great weekend!

We’ve spent Friday to Sunday at a lovely Hotel just outside Southampton. It was a very fancy hotel with a gorgeous restaurant and a spa (we looked at the member price of the spa and it was 4 figures per year!). We went on a Valentines day package with two days bed, breakfast and dinner, which was… mmmmmmmmm. The steak just fell apart and… mmmmmm.

Part of  the package included a bottle of champers, rose and chocolates on the pillow and we even both had a full body massage on Saturday.

Of course, the best part of the break came on Saturday morning. We’d come back up from Breakfast at about 10:30 to open presents. I opened Amy’s present to me then went to my bag to get mine. Hiding it behind my back I said that I hoped she liked ‘it’. I took a few steps closer before falling on one knee and pulling the box out. I then opened it and said that I loved her and would she marry me.

Poor Amy has had a trying week (she’s been fast-tracked onto a ship later this month, has had dental checkups, medicals, survival courses and even some fillings this week) so I got the benifit of surprising her. So much nicer when it is a surprise. She said ‘yes’, the rest is history!

Amy's engagement ring