Saying no to 0870

Since I’ve changed to a mobile phone contact and have Skype on my computer I’ve been paying a bit more attention to 0870 numbers and how horrid they are.

These numbers are about three times the price of a normal call, doesn’t get included in BT or mobile free minutes and the companies make a profit by keeping you on hold through them.

Money saving expert has an update saying that 0870 numbers will soon be classed as premium rate, something that I am very much looking forward to, even if it is for the fact that you aren’t allowed to pay to be in a queue on a premium rate number. You never know, NTL might answer the phone quicker.

But in the mean time there is This site will let you find national rate and freephone numbers for 0870 numbers. Seeing as nearly everyone with a BT line gets these calls free the site is fantastic. 0800 numbers are also not normally free on a mobile so you can normally find a normal number for the freephone ones.

But the easiest thing I’ve found is to just find the overseas number. For example on the student loan website you can call a host of 0870 numbers, but just call +44 141 243 3660 for overseas users. Just remember to use 141 before it (according to the money saving expert site)