Geotagging – Flickr Maps

I’ve been having a play with photo maps in the last couple of days, playing with applications and website widgets that show maps. I’ve tried trippermap on

The biggest problem I’ve found is that the best photo site bar none is Flickr, that’s where all my photos are and just about everyone else in the world. Flickr is owned by Yahoo and Yahoo maps are rubbish; you just can’t zoom in at all.

Example: Best quality Yahoo map | Best quality Google map

So Google Maps (and Google Earth) are the best mapping sites on the interweb, but I’m going to use Flickr. I’m obviously not the only person with this problem so other people have combined the two! Yipee!

I’ve got into the tagging / geotagging lark. Hopefully tomorrow my datalogger will turn up. It’s a very small GPS that simply records where you’ve been. Once you have taken some pictures you download the photos to the computer, download the datalogger information and then some software looks at the date and time of the photo and where you are. Magically every photo knows where it is on the map.

When we go to Greece hopefully we will have a proper map, and I’m really looking forward to showing it off.