Latest – GTA and opinions

There are a lot of things to complain about in this world. There are the easy ones like ‘why do dentists charge too much’ and ‘why haven’t I won the lottery yet’, and hard ones like ‘how do I complain that another blog I read is so very wrong without looking like an idiot’. We’ll start easy.

My dentist appointment is tomorrow, I have arranged for 2 days off work with some programming to do while I’m bored. I look forward to eating soup and dribbling out of the side of my mouth.

My entertainment this week has been from Grand Theft Auto 4. There’s only one thing better than playing this game and that’s reading about how much other people hate it. Apparently mothers against drunk drivers were the latest people to complain (an argument that is flawed mainly by the fact that drunk driving either a) gets you killed because you can’t drive straight or b) makes you take a taxi because you learnt quickly from option a)).

Also of interest was that someone got robbed queuing for the game (the person didn’t get the game and neither had played it, it wasn’t even out) and that children might get hold of the game. I don’t see them banning alcohol and cinema, so that argument is mute as far as I’m concerned.

My biggest scientific observation is that psychopaths are likely to buy the game, not that people who buy the game will become psychopaths.

The last thing that has bothered me recently is a blog by Amy’s Friend James. and

They are very good people and have strong religious views. Now I’m sure that they can write far better blog posts than I can on the subject of abortion, but lets just say that my opinion is the exact opposite of whatever they write.

I blog to you on behalf of Fr. Frank Pavone and Priests for Life. Fr. Pavone recently posted two videos on You Tube in which he describes and demonstrates the two most common abortion techniques, using the actual instruments of abortion and the words found in medical textbooks and court testimony.

I had the quite unfortunate pleasure of watching an abortian the other day. It was on a Channel 4 documentary that work recorded. It had strong warnings on the program but my job was to cut out all the adverts and put the video on the streaming server. I wasn’t expecting what I saw and I had strong words about warning people.

On the subject, however, I think that what I saw were cells. I also don’t like watching videos of liposuction, appendix removal, heart surgery, etc. All those are where a surgeon cuts away living cells from a human that has consented and has decided, correctly or incorrectly, that this was the road they wanted to go down. Nothing should remove a woman’s right to choose. Nothing.