Latest progress with C#

I’m starting to get somewhere with C# now.

I started learning this language with, a video-on-demand type site that shows you how to do things.  It is good and gets you started very quickly but doesn’t really explain much. I’ve coupled this with with a For Dummies book and a Microsoft Base Class Library book to give me an idiots guide to why things work (dummies) and lots of example code (class library). These books have cost quite a bit, but altogether it has given me the help I need.

At the moment I’m trying to build a anything-in-anything-out style loans system. I’d written one in PHP already for someone at work so it helps me build a real-world project but without having to worry about requirements or design (as I’d done it already). At the moment it is looking like this

Test01 in Visual C# Studio 2005

Plenty of work to do, but at least it actually looks like it could do something.