It’s been an interesting week for me and mostly about learning new things.

I had a talk with the IT depearment’s human resources person last week about progression through ISS. It wasn’t a job interview but a ‘what can you do’ talk. I think this is a great idea as people on the main campus never actually see us down here and it takes something like the Flash video before people realise you can do something clever.

In the meeting was a person from the web applications team and it was an oppotunity to see what they know, so that I would know what to learn. As it turns out that seems to be .net.

ASP.net is a programming language by Microsoft. People don’t use it because people use PHP. This website is written in PHP. It’s free. Microsoft stuff costs money. Businesses have money, businesses use Microsoft. You see where I’m going with this.

Fortunately Microsoft seem to have been kind. They have ‘express’ editons of their software that are free so that people can learn how how to write in their language before paying for the software. So I’m having a go at that.

Also below you might have seem that I’ve been playing with iFrames. The most interesting thing I’ve learnt about iFrames is that if you put something in the middle of it then the RSS readers and other readers pick it up.

<iframe src=”bbc.co.uk”>This is an iframe for the bbc.co.uk website</iframe>

On another note, I’m sorry Mum. I’ve written another blog post that you (and everyone else who actually reads this site) doesn’t understand.