Streaming video D-Day

Tomorrow is going to be an exciting day. The LLAS have one of there sympodiums tomorrow that they are streaming live on the internet.

They are using Flash and the Flash Media Server to do this and it is the culmination of ideas from the subject centre, designs from their graphics people and a lot of programming in Flash from me. I mentioned that I did a lot of ActionScripting over Christmas, well this is the first big project that will use the things I’ve written.

The Flash movie has been tweaked, the Server has had 77 out of 150 people on it in the tests and hopefully there will be a good number on it. The live stream looks good and we’ve even sorted out some synchronised presentations to go with it (so the powerpoint is in crystal clear vector and the video can concentrate on the speaker).

This sort of thing has been done before, but I haven’t seen much of it done by the academic institutions. Most of the stuff I see is presenting one lecture theatre into another one when there isn’t enough chairs.

I’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow. You might even want to watch it… but I don’t think many language teachers read this. Shame.