Why Macs are rubbish, by Graham Robinson.

I’m going to lose some friends here I’m sure. But that’s what blogging is about right?

Lets get some simple things straight first
• We have increasing numbers of macs at work. But it is still under 5%
• I haven’t got past the ipod in terms of Mac experience
• I think Steve Jobs is cool
• Macs are pretty
• I am a Windows expert

That last part… I’m not a MVP (an accredited Microsoft expert) but I could beat 99% of the world in a computer fixing contest.

So I get my ‘work intuitively’ hat on and have started playing. Work gave me a Macbook last week to be able to learn about Macs in case of support calls and I’m trying to get the basics before being cocky.

So here is my list

Where the hell is the right mouse button?
It’s been an issue for over a decade now. You (Apple) keep loads of stuff away in context menus, yet you make me control click or plug in a mouse. It’s not hard, just build it in the laptop and admit that people want it.

What part of switching is easy?
Moving from a PC to a mac means either going open source or re-buying all your software. The only CD that I have that works is Dreamweaver 8.

Can’t the control button mean the same thing?
So apparently Ctrl-C doesn’t copy. Ctrl-B doesn’t make things bold. I’d care if apple cared about all the long-life mac users who are used to it. But they don’t give two hoots about you, they want you to buy an ipod and then buy the mac to go with it.

Maximise windows
How? Because it isn’t the plus sign; that just makes it tall. Seriously who would have a widescreen monitor and want Word to take up 1/3 of the screen? No-one. So I have to drag the corner to make it bigger?

Programs are open?
There was a good article in the register about 10.5’s UI. It isn’t good. Seriously. There is a little ‘light’ by the program to say that it is running. You can’t see it if you don’t know it’s there. It was a force quit to install flash player for me, because I didn’t have a clue where that Safari window was open.

Am I the only person that thinks that a program should close when you close it? Apparently. The [X] in OSX hides the window and not the application.

Alt Tab
Useless on a mac. How the hell do you switch between 2 finder windows when alt tab only brings up 1 finder window. Control click on the finder application icon obviously. I bet if I search for ‘the missing manual’ for OSX, I’d find one. You guys need it.

Using the keyboard
If I open up the applications folder and press the down arrow until I get to the program I want I then press the Enter key to launch it. But that’s rename (seriously) space seems to want to give me a slideshow of the icon. How do launch a program from the keyboard? I still haven’t worked it out.

The other thing that bothers me is because the control key doesn’t do anything you need the mac key. The mac key is to the right of alt meaning my touch typing is rubbish because I have to keep looking. Accessibility means more manuals and voice recognition it seems.

Fancy desktop effects
So I can press F11 to show the desktop. Fancy. No logic in which button is which though. I still have to go through 4 effects to find it. Just like F5 to search for files on Windows… except they have it in the start menu so people can actually find it.

Where is delete?
Trying to post I look for the delete key. I see backspace, but I want delete. More clicking for me!

Macs and business:
10.5 makes VPN work. Congratulations, shame that 10.4 required 20 minutes of googling just to find out how to delete a connection. You give me a context menu on everything except system profiles. Brilliant. At least it now work and sits by the clock. Clap clap.

Mapped my documents
If you map my documents to a network drive on a mac it works fine. Then log in with a user without server space and the system reboots. Gratz, there goes every administrator and test account I own

Everything is user specific
How many bloody hoops do I have to go through to make the screen mirror by default on a Mac Pro desktop? Too many. Apparently I have to use Terminal. Off to google to learn Unix then.

Business data practice
At the University you must, on any device, hit a password screen before being able to get into email or a network drive. That means any phone connected to exchange must turn on locked, computers have passwords. Macs… need to be set up to prompt for a password. OK, windows has the same issue if you are on XP Home. But how many people have XP Home at uni? None, macs “One edition makes things easier” means that everyone has a home computer sat on their desk with a “Steal me, I’m probably not set up right” message on them.