Looks like you won’t find a fair review any more

Looks like Gamespot.com has gone the way of the Sunday Sport in the fact you can’t believe anything you read.

Kotaku is reporting the rumor that the reviewer who gave Kane and Lynch a bad review, is no longer with the company at the same time as Kane and Lynch are running an advertising campaign on the gamespot.com site. The informer used the phrase

Allegedly, publisher Eidos “took issue with the review and threatened to pull its ad campaign.”

Now I use the site ign.com. I’m sure they are just as bad (I think Rupert Murdock owns it, eww) but I’m yet to see this type of thing happening.

If anyone actually knows an unbiased site that hasn’t been bought out by a billionaire; let me know.

[Edit] Penny arcade’s take on this

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