Trip to Hull

On Week 2 of the University year, the 2nd busiest week of the year, Amy and I went to Hull. Work weren’t really happy about it, but it was Amy’s mother’s only week off for many a month.

On the first day we went off to Hull Fair and Amy won a little bagpuss doll by spending a lot of money and enjoying herself. I went around moaning about how it’s all fixed and it’s a waste of money, but I had a go on one and won a pretty big teddy. I was happy after that. £1, one prize.

The Saturday we turned up was the last day of the fair so it was all pretty hectic. We didn’t stay too late but still managed to stay for a few hours.

By Monday we’d gone to town and I’d bought an xbox 360 * with a bunch of 2nd hand games, including the fantastic Guitar Hero 2, which I ended up spending many an hour on.

Tuesday we went down to Leeds and visited Ikea for Lunch. Amy bought a new stool that is being used as a mini-craft table. Good stuff.

Both journeys were pretty flawless. There was a bit of worry as the only motorway out of Hull was closed until 10 minuets before we left, but just like our Cardiff trip, because it had just opened, everyone avoided the road and it was very clear. Except for the fog. There was only about 300 yards of dense fog, but it’s really scary being in there. You slow down because you can’t see very far, but you slow down too much and someone will go straight into the back of you as they can’t see you’re doing 40 on a motorway.