First moan

I wanted to have a moan about this website – – and more specifically this quote

Consider this: Do you know of anyone — anyone at all — talking today about switching from the Mac to Windows? I don’t. Not even Dvorak/Enderle-style muckraking Apple-tweaking pundits are claiming that anyone is switching from the Mac to Windows, because it’s just so preposterous.

The answer is yes, loads of them. The only thing is that Apple have now been clever enough to allow their hardware to run Windows. So what you actually have is a massive percentage of Mac users who have swapped over to windows as well as the mac. Do you really think that every ‘switcher’ to the mac doesn’t also have a windows pc somewhere in their house or work to do all the things that Macs can’t do? It just happens to be that with every Mac bought you put a 1 in the ‘switched’ column and for every Mac user using boot camp you have a 1 in the ‘Give Microsoft £100 but pretend that they are still a mac user because they bought the hardware’.

Lots of people buy Macs around here. Without trying to offend too many people, the mac users in our place try and convert people more than Jehovah Witnesses. And then they come and ask me how they can get all their software working. Even the stuff that is out on the Mac, you should see their face when they’re told they have to re-buy it.