The next 25 years of gaming

I found this article on digg at lunchtime and think it’s a very interesting read if you get a few moments. Of course it’s all just speculation but some of the points are actually quite good and funny. Especially how the biggest advancements in internet technologies at the moment are just helping my inbox get full of

C.W.T.’E h+a-s t,h-e potenti._al to r’eturn 5’0_0*% to y_o.u*r mone_y withi_n 7 tr,ading d_a_y*s’

I have 603 of those in my inbox this morning. If anyone else wants to send me some then send it straight to mygooglespambox.spam@mediaguy . I don’t see any other reason why gmail would give me 2GB of mailbox space.

And while I’m talking about gaming… if you have a PC, if you like games then there is no reason in the world not to buy Valve’s Orange box. 5 games for £40, 1 of which I have played for 25 hours in the past 2 weeks. It’s just that good.