Cars, Cardiff, Ikea

This weekend we trebled the number of miles our little car has done when we went up to Cardiff. It was lovely to see everyone again and even better to not have to pay £70 for the train fare. However, it wouldn’t be like us to have troubles.

I love my TomTom GPS. My TomTom, however, doesn’t like Rhoose. It doesn’t seem to know what a ‘tiny country lane’ is and why it is important not to send people down them. In the end we programmed so many way points into the thing that it couldn’t get confused. On the way back even that didn’t work as the damn thing through that my waypoint was on a particular side of the road so it sent me up to the motorway and then tried to send us back to Cardiff. I ignored it.

The journey home could have been much worse than it was. There was a massive accident that closed a large portion of the M4, the only practical way out of South Wales, but we went to Ikea Cardiff and tried to spend as much time there as possible. We ended up waiting for about 15 minutes at junction 30 (28 was the one that was closed) but it seems we were all being held up so the police could open the road. We phoned someone to check the roads 30 minutes before and it was still closed. So that couldn’t have been better.

Ikea was very good. I was planning to go to the Bristol one and to have it as a little break but my dad said the Cardiff one was much better, and seeing as we needed to wait for the motorway to open it worked out well. Breakfast was 95p each and we managed to get a new dinner set that we have been trying to buy for 18 months and plenty of stupid things like scissors, straws and towel holders.

Lovely to see everyone again and we’ll do it again sometime.