Bedknobs and Broom Brooms

I’ve spent a lot of money this week. It is because we have purchased our most expensive thing ever. There is currently a Ford Ka outside and we have the keys.

We’ve been talking with a lot of people to decide the kind of car to buy, but I think in the end it came down to price Vs use and the Ka does quite well with that. The engine is only 1.3 but we only expect to be doing a few long journeys in it a year, I have no no-claims bonus but the insurance is the 2nd from cheapest and I’m now 25. Also the tax is in group 2, so pretty damn cheap.

So we’ve spent the weekend wondering where to go. I’m not greatly confident in it yet, but also haven’t crashed into any trees. We got ourselves a TomTom One (which is nice and small so we don’t ever leave it in the car) but we haven’t got used to that either. I can’t tell whether it’s being stupid or whether I just don’t know how far ‘400 yards ahead’ is. In any case the redirect-the-route-because-you-went-the-wrong-way-you-idiot feature is excellent.

Yesterday we found the big Tesco, although I think we’ll probably end up going to the large Asda. Today, however, we went to find our local garden centre. It turned out to be Haskins, a really nice place with lots of floor space and a cafe. What made the place even better is that the giant centre is shared with Hobbycraft, so Amy knows where she is going for all her crafty stuff and if she wants any more jigsaw puzzles.

No idea where to go tomorrow. Driving seems to be exactly the same as the train; I can’t stand actually going on it, but happy once I’ve done it.

Also, when it is not night time, I’ll take a nice picture of it.

Some pictures on flickr now. Hover for a preview

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