“Other Modern Languages”

It’s GCSE results day and the BBC have made a bar graph of results for all subjects. What I find very interesting is that you can go through just about every subject in the entire drop down list except music and history and find that the average is a C. On music / history the average appears to be a B, and it’s a close one.

Looking at Languages all of English, Welsh, Spanish, German and French the average is still a C. However ‘other languages‘ has an average of A*.

I can just about see how an average C can turn into an average B. They are pretty close, but this is a very clear A*. So how does it happen?  My guess is that it would only be the top, private, expensive schools that have the ability to offer a language that isn’t on the list; so they are expected to be clever. I might be right, I might be wrong, or it might be that the Japanese exam is on Pokamon rather than grammar.

In any case I’d need an expert and they’re all on holiday.