Gaming Heaven

There is a good reason to like the summer holidays, it seems to be when all of the really great games come out.

I still haven’t actually plugged the Wii into the TV since I took it to Lynmouth, but I think I clocked up enough hours there. Now I’m on my PC.

For the more technical people out there, I’m now running an Intel Core 2 Duo 6660 and have a Nvidia 8880. For the less technical my computer runs games better.

I’ve been playing Stalker and Command and Conquer 3. Stalker took hours to get into, but is now fantastic, C&C was brilliant to start with but seems to get excessivly hard nearer the end. I’m switching between them and enjoying every moment.

The best news is the next 2 weeks of games.

Bioshock is out next week and is getting critical acclaim from reviewers. I really can’t wait.

Also coming out is Medal of Honour Airborne, which looks absolutely bloody fantastic.

Bioshock Trailer

Medal of Honor Trailer

Stalker Trailer