It’s Hot

Laura, a Spanish lady I work with, would be very happy today. For her ‘too hot’ is around 40 degrees. For me it seems to be any day in Summer where there is no cloud.

What is a shame is that if we were still in Lynmouth right now it would be beautiful. We would probably be in Coffee Mill with an ice cream under an umbrella with a nice sea breeze. Here, with all the cars and the noise, it just doesn’t work as well.

But enough of complaining… although that is the main reason for having a blog…

I’ve got a few more games now. I was reading about how most games that you buy last about 12 hours from start to finish. I have played world of warcraft in total for about 800 hours; there just isn’t a finish in that game. When you have timescales like that to compete with it’s hard to find single player games but I’ve now got Command and Conquer Tiberium Wars and Stalker Shadow of Chenobyl. Should be fun and more importantly they have pause and save buttons.

Last thing for the day is to mention RSS. If you have google as your homepage you can press that little ‘iGoogle‘ button in the corner and make your own google homepage. You can find little RSS feed buttons and add them to the google homepage. This means that when you open up your homepage you can find which of your favourite sites have new stuff on them. My site’s RSS feed is to the right and called ‘Entries RSS‘ and you can also find RSS feeds on the BBC for things like news and weather.