Old posts

I filled it up pretty quickly!

With 206 previous blog entries spanning 4 years I’ve not really had the time to import my old stuff properly. Most things are there but what has happened is

  • Posts from before I had a password system have all been passworded, just in case something is in there that shouldn’t
  • Posts that have apostrophes in them have database protection in them. I’ve will turn into I\’ve. I could fix this, but I don’t really want to spend the time on it
  • Posts that have photographs in them now don’t
  • Posts that are password protected will have a password box appear instead of the text

The password is one word now. If the username was mummy and the password was daddy then the new one word password would be mummydaddy. No spaces, no hyphens, just one word.

I’ll make a ‘page’ soon (a page is one of the black tabs at the top) called ‘passwords’ that will recap this. I’m sure it won’t be very find-able when it isn’t on the top.