Change of Scenery

I’ve been thinking about how to make my site easier to manage and I’m wondering if this is the answer.

Most of my website is the blog. Anything that isn’t the blog are my photographs. So the logical answer seems to be to have a blog, and then have a photos site.

So I’ve got myself a flickr pro account and have started to upload my photographs there. You can see what I have up so far at my Flickr page.

Once the photos are out of the way with I shall try and work out a way of importing my old blog posts into this system and to have a nice way of linking to the flickr page.

One thing that may have to change is the way private blog and photo posts work. You may have to have an account on this site and flickr to see the (very few) personal ones. This site allows me to hide posts, Flickr has more options and can limit photos to friends, family, either or.

More news soon. Hopefully more than once a year!