Moving house

So my parents are doing the final stages of their move and our flat isn’t getting enough ventilation so we were going to look around at a couple of new flats too. Our timing wasn’t right for the 6 weeks notice (as it needs to end on the monthly payment) but we were going to have a look around anyway.

First flat was on our road and the other was on the next round. Both are good for my work and Amy’s as they are close to the bus routes. We arranged the first on Thursday and had a call on Friday saying it was taken. We arranged the second just before the first rejection.

So we have just put our coats on at 11:30 for our 12:00 appointment and we’ve just had another call saying this one is taken. So we have a lesson to learn from this

Only look for flats in a window that you are happy to instantly cancel your current rented place. If you want something book to see it the same day as you find it and be prepared to walk straight to the agents if you like it.

The flat next door is up for rent again at £75 more than we are currently paying. Shame that this place isn’t very nice to stay in in the Winter, it’s certainly a summer place.