A year

… has gone by and there is nearly nothing been added to this site. Sorry.

Well I’ve got some got my pictures together and a new image program and I want to try and get some more things on here.

I’ve been doing some fun things at work that I would like to throw into my work examples and even if it is “I’m fine” I think I’d prefer it here.

Work has got me doing some more PHP programming so I’ll might add a feature or two. I’m still not greatly happy with the menu on the left and I think it would be great for you guys to get an email alert when this site is updated.

First post thought is about the new Paint Shop Pro. I’ve just bought it amazingly cheaply on an educational licence and I cannot find anything that is missing from Photoshop (which costs £700) and this is over 90% cheaper.

Photo below is from the isle of wight. The left side is the picture taken from my camera (i.e. a big black square) and the right side is what PSP 11 has recovered from it.