Fun days at work

I think I prefer quiet days. Last week my multimedia computer’s hard drive died and I lost all the stuff on it. Had to get a new hard drive* and reinstall windows on it. Not fun.

* I know some people I know use the term ‘hard drive’ to refer to the whole computer, in this case it was just the drive that holds the data.

So this week the server which holds all the data on it for the whole of humanities died. We started working on it at about 10am and I left work at 8pm. Of course it still wasn’t done and I’m still working on it now. Most fun 🙁

I’ve also just heard that a spanish computer isn’t booting with an NTLDR error. You don’t want one of these messages as it basically means you’ve lost everything and need to start again.

So what’s next to break? We didn’t get the accommodation we wanted on our holiday and were forced to get a bigger room with suppliments to go the place we wanted at the time we wanted.

On a lighter note Amy’s parents popped down for an hour on their way from devon to Hull (maybe a ruler might be good for them for Christmas so they can see what ‘straight’ is, hehe) and Amy has been baking lots of cakes, which are grudingly being shared around people at uni.

3 buses coming at once you say?