Well a lot has happened

I haven’t posted for a while have I?

Well I will try and get you up to date…

I’ve done my third Kung Fu session and it is going well. A different part of me aches each time! Next week I will cough up my money for a licence so I have my own insurance and can do gradings.

2 weeks ago our washer/dryer broke down. We told the landlord on the Wednesday, he came down with a plumber on Friday and told us that it couldn’t be repaired. By Monday we had a new one. We went to Comet today and found it and it cost ?350. Nice to see that he’s buying for these things to last.

New things bought include a new bath mat and a new pair of headphones. Also we are trying to convince ourselves that Sky isn’t worth the money. Fortunately it isn’t worth the money so we’ll probably win that argument on behalf of our wallets.