New camera

I’ve got a new camera and it is absolutely fantastic. ?308 of pure photo pleasure.

It has a way of focusing in low light. It shines out an infrared light so you can see in the dark on the screen, the camera then fires out a grid of laser beams to find out how far away the subject is and then fires the flash and takes the picture.

Of course this means that I have been going around for the past 2 days shouting ‘fricking laser beams’ (Austin Powers reference).

2 pictures below. One is Shawn (what else do you call a sheep) who is a draught excluder we bought in Lynton because it was cute and the 2nd one is a crop of the same picture to show the detail it gives.

[Edit] Thought I better add 2 more. One is the camera and the second is the camera with its fricking laser beams on.