Hot hot hot

It’s nice and sunny here, but I’ve still managed to find my way onto the Internet.

Today Keith came to see us and we have had our third game of Minigolf of the week. We have manged to go to two Tesco’s since being here and we’re on the 3rd box of beers. Amazinly we haven’t hit the end of the Southern Comfort bottle yet.

Weather has been lovely. It was drizzly for the first 2 days but then it has been glorious. To be honest the after the drizzle it got too hot, now there is a nice sea breeze which cools us down.

Had a look at the work email and there are 36 emails of which 33 of them have been sent out on mailing lists so have no relavence whatsoever and 3 just forgot I was on holiday.

Batteries also ran out today on the camera with 70 shots left. I think I have 160 odd when empty so there should be enough to fill up a page on this site.