News page

I’ve been tweaking a lot of the usability of the site tonight (although I probably should have spent 2 hours of it sleeping.

3 new things are added

1) If you are on the news page, then go to the login page and log in, you now get directed back to news.

2) Error messages are now shown for a few things. a) Incorrect login b) wrong linkname put in the address c) no linkname put in the address d) sending an email through the contact page without putting a message

3) Contact page has been added and works. If you get an error message saying that the page isn’t found then you should end up at the contact page in case it is a bug.

I think the only content missing from the site is now the previous work section in professional. I’ll get that in tomorrow and then I can start the horrid task of trying to get this site live and the old one removed.

Oh, and I didn’t drink any wine tonight.